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"Best proofreader I ever had, she's very kind and fast, am working with her for more than a year all my reports was in a good final shape after Sandra's proofreading, overall she looks over every single word in the file. Time is the most important thing when you need proofreading, Sandra always on time. The value of money always reasonable. 

She deserve 7 stars not 5."


"Fantastic service because she gives me my work on time without any mistakes. Most of my friends are dealing with them.In addition to this, she has an excellent price and quality. Another thing that I have to mention it is that she do not only do proofreader and correct the grammar but also gives advice."



Why use a professional proofreader? 

Using a proofreader means your document will be error-free.  For students this means you maximize your marks, and for authors and businesses this means that your literature meets the industry standard for professionalism. 


PPS offers a professional proofreading service for a wide range of documents including novels, business literature, websites, scientific papers, university dissertations and PhD theses. By using our service you can be sure that the document you submit will be written to the highest possible standard of English. 

  • We will correct grammatical, spelling, typing and punctuation errors, whilst checking that the writing flows and follows a logical structure. Where relevant, we will also check reference formatting and correct placement of items such as tables and diagrams. We will ensure that your document has a consistent style. 
  • If appropriate, you will receive suggestions on places in your work that can be improved. 
  • When editing novels, these will be checked for plot errors and inconsistencies, and the style of language agreed with the author. 
  • You will receive a highlighted copy of your text showing the changes we have made so you can learn from that and improve your writing in the future. 
  • Our proofreading will find mistakes that cannot be picked up by automatic checkers. 
  • Simply email us your document to info@ppsproofreading.co.uk, giving us your deadline, and we will confirm the price (see payments and prices for our fixed rates) and give a guaranteed time the work can be completed by. Our prices are based on the number of words so you know exactly what you will need to pay. Payment will be made when you are satisfied with the work. 
  • Please see 'Prices and Payments' page for online payments. Other methods of payment can be arranged. 

Not sure you need a proofreader?
Send us a sample of your work (1 - 2 pages) and we will proofread it for free and return it to you. Based on the edited copy, you can then decide whether or not you need your whole document proofread.  


We look forward to working with you!

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