Here are the views of other people who have used our services: 


 I got distinction for the paper. I was speechless. But I think that the mark was given because of the language of the research and the way you have edited. Thank you so much for your support and sleepless nights you have spent with me in summer. Only with your help, I have received such a nice mark. It is 17 out of 20!

Maia, University of St Andrews


I have found everything I'm looking for in Sandra. She provides very helpful comments and suggestions. I think Sandra is different from the others and dealing with her is excellent. I would highly recommend her to all students. 

Abdulrahman Alqahtani, Hull



Fabulous service, punctuality, respect the customer by replying to each email, good value for money, high quality proof reading. I dealt with Sandra for more than 10 times during my master period and I haven't had any problems. I'm working on my dissertation now and my supervisor praised her work. I highly recommend her for any piece of academic work.

Hamad, Glasgow 




I hired Sandra Rawlin through her company PPS Proofreading to proofread and edit my new 72k word supernatural horror novel Demons Walk Among Us. Sandra is both good and fast. I had my completed novel back within the time frame agreed and communication was great. I will be using Sandra again for my next novel.

Mark Steen




 Using a qualified proof reader added an additional level of quality to our documents and made the overall finished product look very professional. Sandra completed work in very timely fashion and accuracy of work was very high. Sandra was very easy to deal with and was accommodating to our requests. 

I will use Sandra again and recommend her services.


Hannah, Guide Dogs for the Blind 




In my experience as a University Senior Lecturer, students who get their theses and essays proofread by a professional proofreader will invariably improve their marks. In fact, not doing so is simply robbing oneself of marks. With the assistance of a professional academic proofreader, students can significantly improve the clarity of the arguments put forward in their writing. Importantly, through the comments and feedback you will receive from PPS, you will learn from the experience in the process. I have seen work before and after proofreading by PPS, and the difference was significant. I can strongly recommend students to have their work checked by a PPS proofreader, even if you and your fellow students think it looks alright. Get an edge, get proofread!

Senior Lecturer
University of East Anglia, Norwich




                                        Society of English-Native-Speaking Editors